instamoney docs


Instamoney provides client libraries to help you integrate faster. We’re continuously adding more so let us know what you’re looking for.


Our PHP library requires PHP 5.4 or higher. You can install Instamoney PHP Clients bindings via Composer or you can just download the source code. All of these can be accessed on Packagist .


Postman is a HTTP client for testing web services which makes it easy to test APIs by providing a simple interface for making API requests & viewing responses. To make integrating with our API's easier, we've created a Postman collection of our APIs for easy testing.

Third-party Plugins

Instamoney is still developing our third-party plugins to help you get started without any programming needed. Let us know which plugins you’re using here .


Still have more questions? We're always happy to help however we can. Shoot us an email or chat to us in live chat.