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Your balance will tell you how much money is available on your Instamoney account. You can retrieve it to see the current balance on your Instamoney cash account. Your balance is credited when money comes into your account, e.g. fixed virtual account are paid or you deposit funds. Your balance is debited on any money out transaction, e.g. when performing disbursements or Instamoney fees are charged.

Implementing Balances

Follow the steps below to implement our balances API.

You will have two account types: CASH (TRANSACTIONS in your dashboard) and HOLDING (IN TRANSIT in your Dashboard). To check each of the balances, you can GET this request.

  • Curl
  • PHP
curl{account_type} -X GET \
 -u NIiHfL5xh+amlMdrKLZOTDSWYNGgodl6mXCy+Rxn/2TQ8LWnDgV1gQ==:
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$options['secret_api_key'] = 'NIiHfL5xh+amlMdrKLZOTDSWYNGgodl6mXCy+Rxn/2TQ8LWnDgV1gQ==';

$instamoneyPHPClient = new InstamoneyClient\InstamoneyPHPClient($options);

$response = $instamoneyPHPClient->getBalance();

The account type you will get. The default value, if not provided, is CASH

We have prefilled the above example with a sample API key. If you're logged in, you'll see your specific test key. Only you can see this key.

Once your call hits our servers, our API will then return a response. We explain the parameteres in a successful response below. If you get errors, please refer to our errors section.

Response: 200

"balance": 5298645

The balance remaining in your selected account

Testing Balances

Before taking your integration live, you’ll want to test your integration thoroughly. Testing is considered to be successful if you can retrieve the balance of your Transaction account. If you need help after this please feel free to email us any questions or chat us.


Still have more questions? We're always happy to help however we can. Shoot us an email or chat to us in live chat.